RCG Talent Solutions
RCG Talent Solutions


Legal support for Creatives, Artists, and Innovators.



We believe in the vast potential of people. 

Let us help you hire passionate people, train them well, and give them the resources to be successful.

Talent Acquisition



discrete services

Extra hands to provide capacity when you have more to do than the time to do it

  • Extra hands: We provide hourly coordinator support for posting jobs, providing sourcing, scheduling calls and interviews, and reviewing applications. 
  • Interview design: We design job descriptions, phone screen scripts, candidate skills assessments, and finalist day experiences.
  • Screening support: We know thoroughly vetting candidates takes more time than you have. We conduct phone screens and/or candidate skills assessments to allow you to focus your time on your strongest applicants.
  • Pricing: Our most affordable option, built around your budget.

candidate introductions

Connecting you to candidates with the experiences and skills that you need

  • Experience profile: We develop a hiring profile to match your expectations with the right candidate.
  • Source execution: We run marketing and networking campaigns to find you great candidates.
  • Scheduling: Once we find candidates who meet the experience profile, we schedule them into a meeting with you. 
  • Debrief: We meet with you to confirm that the candidates met what you're looking for and to advise on further cultivation.
  • Pricing: Reasonable cost/candidate introduced who meets experience profile.

Full search

Owning a search completely at a competitive price point

  • Getting started: We set you up with a hiring profile, screening materials, finalist interview experiences, reference check guides, and internal talking points.
  • Source execution: We run marketing and networking campaigns to find you great candidates. We take on the review of all applications, with a full screen of all promising candidates.
  • Finalist process and signing on: We organize finalist day experiences, help with reference checks, and support with signing on once an offer is made.
  • Pricing: 20% of annual salary with guarantee of six fully vetted, qualified finalists.

Onboarding, Coaching, and Adding Capacity




We create tailored strategies that help team members successfully launch in new roles. 

Managing transitions is what we do. We make sure your new hires have what they need and we help you plan for other needs that arise during onboarding. 

adding capacity

We’ll jump in where you need us.

Whether it's for coordinator capacity to hold down the fort or full support of a team without a manager, we have experts in a range of services who can work with you on projects and pressing deadlines.




We offer affordable professional development to help teams and individuals find success.

Everyone needs opportunities to grow and develop. We believe in the process of continuous learning and can help you find the right support for your people.